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ZYJ Series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver概述
ZYJ series hydraulic static pile driver is the product for building pile foundation construction under the independent research and development of our company and with more than 10 national patented technologies. It is a novel environmentally friendly construction equipment characterized by no pollution, no noise, no vibration, fast pressing of pile as well as high pile quality, and represents the development direction of piling machinery. Since mass production, its domestic market share has been firmly first, and our company has become a professional enterprise with research and development, production and sales of domestic pile machine taking the lead. The product won the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2003, becoming the famous-brand product of Hunan. Our company participated in drafting the Hydraulic Pile Driver industrial standard (JB/T11674 2013), which greatly promotes the development and progress of technology of static pile driver and pipe pile industry in China. Our company completed the upgrading of product design in 2013 to comprehensively improve the configuration, performance and quality, and the products are well welcomed and praised by the customers since it was put on the market.
    • ZJY100B-Ⅲ


      Maximum pile driving force: 90tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 8.3m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.4m

    • ZJY200B


      Maximum pile driving force: 200tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 9m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.4m

    • ZYJ260B-II


      Maximum pile driving force: 260tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 8.1m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 0.9m

    • ZYJ360B-II


      Maximum pile driving force: 360tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 7.2m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 0.9m

    • ZYJ460B-II


      Maximum pile driving force: 460tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 8.8m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1m

    • ZYJ600BJ


      Maximum pile driving force: 600tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 5.8m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.1m

    • ZYJ680BJ


      Maximum pile driving force: 680tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 9m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.1m

    • ZYJ860BG


      Maximum pile driving force: 860tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 7.7m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.1m

    • ZYJ960B-II


      Maximum pile driving force: 960tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 7.3m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.1m

    • ZYJ1060B-II


      Maximum pile driving force: 1060tf

      Maximum pile driving speed: 7.8m/min

      Lifting/lowering travel: 1.1m