Small Excavator

Small Excavator概述
As the upgraded ones of the company’s previous generation of N9 series of excavators, Sunward small excavators are designed to give full play to its characteristics of fuel saving. This series of products are developed using the new technology with a number of independent intellectual property rights, and have the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, comfort and reliability. The high-end configuration and reliable quality can greatly ease the owner’s concern! Excellent performance, high output at low speed and fuel saving can make the site owner feel more assured! The most fuel-efficient small excavators in the industry---make the owner much happier to make more money! Operation comfort and convenient maintenance-----make the operators feel more at ease during operation! With superior performance, advanced manufacturing processes and perfect after-sales service system, Sunward small excavator is surely the best choice for you.
    • SWE60B


      Operating weight: 6.18t/6.11t

      Bucket capacity: 0.18m³

      Engine power: 36.2kW/2100rpm

    • SWE60E


      Operating weight: 6t

      Bucket capacity: 0.2~0.34m³

      Engine power: 36.2kW/2100rpm

    • SWE60UF


      Operating weight: 5.63t/5.7t

      Bucket capacity: 0.08m³

      Engine power: 36.5kW/2000rpm (gross)

                             35kW/2000rpm (net)

    • SWE80E9


      Operating weight: 7.68t

      Bucket capacity: 0.3~0.42m³

      Engine power: 44kW/2200rpm

    • SWE90UF


      Operating weight: 8.2t

      Bucket capacity: 0.26m³

      Engine power: 46.2kW/2200rpm

    • SWE100E


      Operating weight: 9.5t

      Bucket capacity: 0.4~0.52m³

      Engine power: 60.7kW/2200rpm