Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator概述
“SUNWARD” is not only leading the development of China's mini excavators, but also the first Chinese brand that successfully enters the European and American markets. As early as in 2003, Sunward products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa, so far, the exportation volume of the mini excavators has reached nearly 10,000 units, and in Europe, “SUNWARD” is the only Chinese brand that can compete with the excavators of American, European and Japanese brands. It fully deserves the title of “Mini construction helper” by virtue of its delicate and gorgeous appearance as well as reliable and flexible operation performance as a whole.
    • SWE08B


      Operating weight: 1.01t

      Bucket capacity: 0.022m³

      Engine power: 7.2kW/2400rpm

    • SWE18UF


      Operating weight: 1.88t

      Bucket capacity: 0.04m³

      Engine power: 13.4kW/2000rpm

    • SWE20F


      Operating weight: 1.94t/1.84t

      Bucket capacity: 0.04m³

      Engine power: 13.4kW/2200rpm

    • SWE25F


      Operating weight: 2.58t

      Bucket capacity: 0.066m³

      Engine power: 14.6kW/2200rpm

    • SWE25UF


      Operating weight: 2.65t(5842lb)/2.55t(5621lb)

      Bucket capacity: 0.08m³(0.1yd³)

      Engine power: 14.6kW/2400rpm(19.6hp)

    • SWE35UF


      Operating weight: 3.85t/3.75t

      Bucket capacity: 0.11m³

      Engine power: 18.5kW/2200rpm

    • SWE40UB


      Operating weight: 4.13/4.22t (9105/9125lb)

      Bucket capacity: 0.11m³ (0.14yd³)

      Engine power: 23.8kW/2300rpm (32hp)