SWE100E Small Hydraulic Excavator

Urban Construction Pioneer: All-rounder small type of medium excavator in urban construction

→ Enlarged chassis, stability is in the lead of the industry. Heavy four wheels and track with higher reliability.

→ Great medium excavator appearance and spacious layout, solid manufacturing process, all-rounder in the small type of medium excavator.

→ Hammer system and piping is standard configuration, without trouble of extra assembling.

→ Leader in operation range at the same level, wide operation area to achieve higher working efficiency.

→ New generation hydraulic system, large path with less pressure loss, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

→ Centralized maintenance, centralized lubrication and ground maintenance makes it more convenient.

Parameter List
Size(L×W×H)6470×2320×2660 mm

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length3225mm
C)Ground clearance of platform845mm
D)Tail swing radius1870mm
E)Chassis width2320mm
F)Track width450mm
G)Chassis ground clearance370mm
H)Track height700mm
I)Shipping length6470mm
J)Cab roof height2660mm
K)Shipping width2250mm

Operating range

a)Max.digging height7515mm
b)Max. loading height5315mm
c)Max. digging depth4375mm
d)Max. vertical wall digging depth3920mm
e)Max. digging radius6950mm
f)Max. digging reach (Ground)6800mm
r)Min. slewing radius2250mm

Performance parameters

Operating weight(steel track)9.5t
Standard bucket capacity0.4m³
Bucket digging force64.5kN
Stick digging force43kN
Travel speed(Max./Min.)4.5/2.7 km/h
Ground pressure30.9kPa
Swing speed9rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil130L