SWE100E Small Hydraulic Excavator

Parameter List
Outline dimension (L×W×H)6470×2320×2660 mm

Dimension parameter

A)Wheel tread2560mm
B)Total length of track3225mm
C)Ground clearance of platform370mm
D)Tail swing radius1870mm
E)Chassis width2320mm
F)Track width450mm
G)Ground clearance of chassis370mm
H)Track height700mm
I)Total length6470mm
J)Cab roof height2660mm
K)Total width2320mm

Working range

a)Max.digging height7515mm
b)Max.  unloading height5315mm
c)Max. digging depth4375mm
d)Max. vertical digging depth3930mm
e)Max. digging reach6950mm
f)Max. digging reach on the

shutdown plane

Machine weight9.5t
Bucket capacity0.4~0.52m³
Max. digging force (bucket rod)43kN
Max. digging force (bucket)64.5kN
Traveling speed4.5/2.7 km/h
Ground specific pressure36.9kPa
Swing speed10.8rpm
Displacement 3.769L
Power/Speed 60.7kW/2200rpm
Slewing motor typePlunger motor
Driving motor type2-speed plunger motor
Capacity of fuel tank145L
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank120L