SWRT16 Rough terrain wheel crane

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Dimension    parametersOutline dimensions(L×W×H)mm6244×2460×3100
Outrigger span(horizontal×vertical)mm4500×4800
Main boom lengthmm5800~19400
Jib lengthmm5000
Main boom elevation angle°-4.5~78
Jib installation angle°0/15/30
Mass parametersCurb weight of whole vehiclekg16850
Front axle carrying masskg8150
Rear axle carrying masskg8700
Power system    parametersEngine model-1104D-E44TA
Engine rated powerkW/rpm106/2200
Engine rated torqueN.m/rpm556/1400
Emission standard-National Ⅲ
Travelling    parametersMax.travelling speedkm/h60
Min.turning radius(2 wheel/4 wheel)m9.5/5
Min.ground clearancemm400
Approach angle°23
Departure angle°25
Min.braking distance(24km/h)m≤9.7
Fuel consumption per 100kmL38
Working performance    parametersMax.rated lifting momentkN.m480
Max.rated lifting capacitykg16000
Min.rated radiusm3
Max.lifting height of basic boommm8600
Max.lifting height of longest main    boommm21450
Max.lifting height of longest jibmm26500
Operating speed    parametersMax.lifting speed of main winch single rope (idle load)m/min110
Fully extending/retracting time of  lifting booms55/45
Raising/Lowering time of lifting booms35/42
Max.slewing speedr/min<2.6
Full extending/retracting time of    horizontal outriggerss13/10
Full extending/retracting time of    vertical outriggerss25/22