SWRT25J Rough terrain wheel crane

Other Models

1、This model fills the gaps in domestic market. It is characterized by small outline dimensions, more compact structure, better driving controlling ability and travelling passing ability, more suitable for narrow area operations.

2、Strong loaded travelling ability at low-speed (micro-speed moving function), greater torque output, more precise lifting ability.

3、Reliable intelligent control system, self-diagnosis of power transmission system malfunction,self-judgment of lifting performance and outrigger operating conditions, automatic switching of lifting performance.

4、Five sections of hexagonal telescopic boom featured with large strength and good rigidity, big operating radius and operating height, beautiful appearance.

5、travelling speed, maximum speed up to 55km/h.

6、Powerful, power reservation reaches 20%.

Dimension    parametersOutline dimensions(L×W×H)mm9285×2495×3420
Outrigger span(horizontal×vertical)mm6000×6310
Main boom lengthmm7700~28000
Jib lengthmm6000~9000
Main boom elevation angle°-7.5~80
Jib installation angle°0/15/30
Mass parametersCurb weight of whole vehiclekg27500
Front axle carrying masskg13800
Rear axle carrying masskg13700
Power system    parametersEngine model-QSB6.7-C240
Engine rated powerkW/rpm179/2500
Engine rated torqueN•m/rpm987/1500
Emission standard-欧Ⅲ
Travelling    parametersMaximum travelling speedkm/h55
Minimum turning radius(2 wheel/4 wheel)m8.6/5.2
Minimum ground clearancemm300
Approach angle°22.5
Departure angle°21.5
Maximum gradeability%60
Minimum braking distance(24km/h)m≤9.4
Fuel consumption per 100kmL45
Working performance    parametersMaximum rated lifting momentKN•m862
Maximum rated lifting capacitykg25000
Minimum rated radiusm3
Maximum lifting height of basic boommm6900
Maximum lifting height of longest main    boommm28000
Maximum lifting height of longest jibmm38700
Operating speed    parametersMaximum lifting speed of
     main winch single rope (idle load)
Fully extending/retracting time of    lifting booms65/50
Raising/Lowering time of lifting booms45/40
Maximum slewing speedr/min<2.1
Full extending/retracting time of    horizontal outriggerss-
Full extending/retracting time of    vertical outriggerss25/20