SWE235E-3 Medium Hydraulic Excavator

Parameter List
Boom length5700mm
Bucket rod length2920mm*2600mm
Outline dimensionAOverall length9520mm9540mm
BOverall height3130mm3160mm
COverall width2990mm
DCounter weight ground height1060mm
EMin. ground height478mm
FTail turning radius2750mm
GTrack grounding length3653mm
HTrack length4447mm
ITrack gauge2390mm
JTrack width2990mm
KTrack shoe width600mm
LCab roof height2960mm
MThe machine hood height2250mm
NTurntable width2710mm
作业范围aMax. digging height9815mm9570mm
bMax. discharge height6925mm6700mm
cMax. digging depth6690mm6370mm
dExcavation depth of 2.44m level6520mm6165mm
eMax. vertical excavation depth6050mm5780mm
fMax. digging distance9900mm9600mm
gMax. ground excavation distance9735mm9430mm
hMin. front radius of foreside3565mm3630mm
Working weight22.6t
Bucket capacity0.8~1.2 m³
Bucket digging force155kN155kN
Bucket rod digging force115kN129kN
Walking speed3.5/5.6 km/h
Ground pressure46.5kPa
Swing speed13.4rpm
Oil tank capacityDiesel370L
Hydraulic oil250L