SWE365E-3 Large Excavator

Mining Mars Series

Sunward Excavator Full-Series Upgraded

E-Generation energy conservation expert- Glorious Come to market

Condensation power of wisdom, continually writing legend of technical research, E-series excavator inherits of Sunward sophisticated technology and craft. Catering to the market demand, optimizing matching control system, Sunward excavator perfectly presents 5E performance, and opens an excavator benchmarking era of "Three High and One Low"!

"Three High and One Low": High configuration, High efficiency, High reliability, Low fuel consumption

New design for high-intensity、high wear-resistant mining bucket, reducing digging resistant and improve service life

Use international famous brand large torque traveling motor, traction force increased by 20%

Increase diameter of track shaft sleeve and wall thickness of mining crawler, carrying capacity increased by 13%

Use heavy load track roller, carrying capacity increased by 26% to meet the demand of heavy digging or mining jobsite

Higher reliability than other same tonnage excavator

SWE330B is the most typical model in Sunward Mine Mars excavator, excellent hydraulic system than other same tonnage excavator, strong swing system and awesome traveling system, tech-oriented feature of Sunward, extra durable configuration has been added, makes Sunward excavator more reliable than all of same size excavator

Performance feature,advantage of technology

High configuration

High Configuration, Advanced technology

High efficient cyclone tubular air filter system

Use low resistance cyclone tube air filter which filtering efficiency reach to 99% or above, make pre-filter of air and secondary air filter system to expand the maintainance period in some dusty jobsites like mining, oil field, and desert

New generation large flow main valve and high-efficiency hydraulic pump- Increase working efficiency of hydraulic system

New generation large displacement hydraulic pump is customized to Sunward by wonderful performance. New generation large flow main valve, utmost reduce energy loss, enhance working efficiency of hydraulic system

ELAC electronic control system of independent intellectual property rights

Precise control engine and hydraulic system. Effectively control the loss of flow, good operation, high efficiency and energy saving features

ISUZU diesel engine, Turbo, water intercooled, 6 cylinder

Strong power, economical, reliable

In-line fuel pump system, dramatically improve fuel utilization

Comfort, safe, convenient handling

Luxury cabin- conform to European standard of FOPS/ROPS

Wide view of front cab, minimize blind point of vision to ensure safe operation

HD color multifunction meter

Dynamic monitor the working state of the machine, real-time equipment operation and maintenance information. Built-in a variety of operating mode of auxiliary attachment, one key select model. Truck-load count management system, assist customer to know the work quantity.

Adopt international famous brand for full automatic air conditioning system

Adjust indoor temperature, wind volume to the best status automatically when using, quick cooling and heating

New type of multi-functional radio

Touch screen control, MP3 play function, USB interface and the expansion of SD card

Parameter List
Boom length6500mm
Bucket rod length2900mm*3260mm*2670mm
Outline dimensionAOverall length11200mm11200mm11235mm
BOverall height3495mm3600mm3565mm
COverall width3190mm
DCounter weight ground height1200mm
EMin. ground height537mm
FTail turning radius3445mm
GTrack grounding length4025mm
HTrack length4940mm
ITrack gauge2590mm
JTrack width3190mm
KTrack shoe width600mm
LCab roof height3080mm
MMachine hood height2655mm
NTurntable width3110mm
作业范围aMax. digging height10390mm10645mm10220mm
bMax. discharge height7310mm7530mm7170mm
cMax. digging depth7095mm7450mm6865mm
dExcavation depth of 2.44m level6925mm7300mm6685mm
eMax. vertical excavation depth5825mm6380mm5470mm
fMax. digging distance10940mm11300mm10715mm
gMax. ground excavation distance10725mm11080mm10500mm
hMin. front radius of foreside4460mm4380mm4480mm
Working weight36.2t
Bucket capacity1.6~2.0 m³
Bucket digging force253kN253kN253kN
Bucket rod digging force198kN180kN217kN
Walking speed3.6/5.8 km/h
Ground pressure67.1kPa
Swing speed9.1rpm
Oil tank capacityDiesel650L
Hydraulic oil320L