SWDM360H SWDM Large Series

Intelligent control ensuring easy driving

The advanced intelligent control system gives full play to the performance of the equipment and makes operation much easier.


The plastic profile skeleton structure is adopted for the cab, the front and top of which are covered with the high-strength panel frame shield. This way, the safety of operators is guaranteed to the maximum possible extent.

Auxiliary landing leg

The standing leg hidden below the lower mast can not only act as the auxiliary support for drilling construction, but can also help you realize other unimaginable functions.

Safety protection measures

Safety protection is also taken into full consideration during designing of the rotary drilling rig of Sunward to assure customers of safety during construction.

Self-locking of handles

The dedicated electromagnetic locking handle can achieve one-key positioning of handle, which saves heavy physical manual labor.

Middle position

Left locked position

Right locked position

Overall height27.189m
Total weight123t
Max. drilling diameter2500mm(3000mm)
Max. drilling depth102m
Rotary Power HeadMax. torque418kN.m
Rotation speed6~24rpm
High-speed throwing soil(optional)70rpm
Pressurized SystemsMax. applied pressure340kN
Max. lifting force380kN
Max. stroke13000mm
Main WinchMax. lifting force370kN
Max. rope speed80m/min
Aux WinchMax. lifting force110kN
Max. rope speed65m/min
Drill MastLeft and Right tilt±4°
Forward tilt
ChassisMax. travel speed1.2km/h
Max. grade ability15°
Crawle width900mm
Crawle extension width3300~4800mm
Chassis length6120mm