SWDA200C Down-the-hole Drill

▲ Highly efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable

→ The availability of different power units such as the internal combustion, electricity, and diesel-power power makes them suitable for different mines, and minimizes the power consumption.

→ The company offers both heavy-duty drilling derricks that are suitable for the mining of large mines and multidirectional arm type structures that are suitable for use on slopes and various engineering works.

→ The four-point hydraulic telescopic leg chassis or floating chassis leveling allows for excellent adaptability to the ground.

→ The two-stage dry dedusting system or the high-pressure mist dedusting system, and the unique anti-thrusting mechanism effectively reduce dust and maintain a clean working environment.

▲ Advanced and reliable control system

→ The adaptive control technology for rock drilling and the rotation pressure auto EHC feed effectively protects the rig from jamming; and the interlock of the drilling operation with the hydraulic pilot control for adjusting and traveling operations ensures safe and reliable operation.

→ Advanced and intelligent control technology and the CANBUS technology, high-reliability embedded engineering machinery controller and true color LED display, highly integrated electronic control system independently developed by the company, and integrated instrument display for hydraulic system and air compressor system operating parameters are used in the control system.

▲ Excellent operational performance

→ The cab provides the operators with a safe operating environment that allows for good vision and offers an integrated design of electrical control buttons and a hydraulic handle, which are carefully arranged.

▲ Easy maintenance

→ The modular design, compact structure, and proper arrangement allow for easy maintenance.

▲ Optional configuration

→ Accurate angle detecting that enables the drilling at special angels, intelligent drilling depth display, accumulation of drilling depth, over-drilling prevention and integrated down-the-hole cutting can cover the drilling of both soft and hard rocks.

Operation parameterSWDA200C
Drilling range180~255 mm
Drill rod diameter146mm
Drill rod length10m×3
Hole depth, max30m
Dust collection device
Air compressor
Working pressure20.7MPa
Fuel tank capacity200L
Feed beam length13200mm
Feed stroke10500mm
Feed extension1800mm
Feed rate, max0.8m/s
Feed force, max75kN
Forward tilting angle90°
Travel capability
Traveling speed2km/h
Traction force, max175kN
Ground clearance480mm
Rotary speed50rpm
Rotary torque6000N.m
Gross weight30t
Working(L×W×H)8.5×4.68×13.9 m
Transportation(L×W×H)13.9×3.35×3.45 m