SWE25UF Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Outstanding Performance

-- Powered by T4F and Stage 5 Yanmar engine and equipped with excellent hydraulic system and elements; coordinated and smooth compound movement of boom, bucket rod, bucket and slewing, which deeply impressed the users among products of the same tonnage.

Electro-hydraulic proportional lever controls the flow  (optional)

→ Yanmar engine

-- With low noise and vibration, it is popular among compact equipment and it is easy to maintenance the main components.

→ Easy to transport

Comfort Cab

→ Comfort operation environment

-- Wider space and wide view enabled by enlarged front windscreen and sunroof; in addition, the high-quality floating shock absorber seat, imitation leather interior on the top, radio, cup holder and reading light ensure a comfortable driving experience.

→ Safe driving space

-- Frame supported cab with Fops/Tops safety certificate; regular top protection rail ensures safe driving; hidden seat belt, safety hammer, pilot lock rod, slewing parking brake, traveling parking brake and start-up mechanism of engine at neutral gear.

→ Simple and easy switch control

→ Clear monitoring instrument that is easy to operate

▲ Easy Service

-- The door and engine hood can be open completely for daily inspection and change of filter. The left lower service hole makes easier maintenance of multi-way valve without removing covering parts.

Parameter List

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length1990mm(6'6'')
C)Ground clearance of platform525mm(1'9'')
D)Tail slewing radius of platform765mm(2'6'')
E)Chassis width1500mm(4'11'')
F)Crawler width300mm(1')
G)Ground clearance of chassis310mm(1')
H)Crawler height475mm(1'6'')
I)  Shipping length4140mm(13'7'')
J) Shipping height2455mm(8')
K) Shipping width1500mm(4'11'')

Operating range

a)Max. digging height4355mm(14'3'')
b)Max. dumping height3010mm(9'10'')
c)Max. digging depth2840mm(9'4'')
d)Max. vertical digging depth2580mm(8'4'')
e)Max. digging radius4775mm(15'8'')
f) Max. digging reach at ground level4670mm(15'4'')
g)Max. lifting height of bulldozer blade330mm(1')
h)Max. digging depth of bulldozer blade320mm(1')
I) Min. slewing radius1980mm(6'8'')
Dozer size(Width×Height)1500×325mm(4'11''×1')

Performance parameters

Operating weight(rubber track)



Standard bucket capacity0.08m³(0.1yd³)
Bucket digging force24kN(5395lbf)
Bucket rod digging force14kN(3147lbf)
Traveling speed4.1/2.3km/h(2.7/1.4mph)
Ground pressure25.1kPa(3.6psi)
Swing speed8.8rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil24L(6.3gal)