SWDM220 SWDM Medium Series

High durability and reliable bearing capacity

The drilling reactive force of the rotary drilling rig is transmitted from the drilling rig to the machine and then from the machine to the ground. Various structural components of the machine are subject to the structural stress resulting from the drilling force. Unique design is adopted for various structural components of the transmission chain on the rotary drilling rig of Sunward Intelligent so as to guarantee a more stable structure and higher bearing capacity of the machine.

▲ Special chassis
The self-made special extendable chassis suitable for the actual load is adopted, which improves the stability of the complete machine. With this chassis, construction in any range of 360°can be implemented, and performance of the structural components of the complete machine can be improved, thus ensuring a balanced center of gravity.

▲ Winch arrangement
The main and auxiliary winches are installed on the platform, which greatly reduces the tipping torque of the operation device and the rotary inertia of the upper part of the platform and improves the stability of the complete machine.

▲ Mast structure
The high-strength anti-deformation design is adopted for the drill mast. The rectangular mast section is even wider in the guide rail direction. This can effectively reduce the structural stress of the mast and make it more suitable for the rock penetrating construction conditions which involves high-strength variable and constant load.

▲ Trolley traveling mechanism
The wide-range design is adopted for the parallelogram adjusting mechanism, with a large structural size (i.e. the size of M is large). The installation distance between the trolley traveling cylinders of the two drill masts (the size of M is large), which is equivalent to a triangle structure. This improves the stability of the operation device for construction on hard ground.
▲ Square-shaft casing structure
The box type square shaft casing structure is used for the mast deflection seat. The force of mast is directly transferred onto the trolley traveling mechanism, thus eliminating the stress of the rotary frilling force on weak links of the deflection seat and improving the structural stability and reliability.

High configuration
The efficient and reliable engine is equipped with efficient hydraulic transmission system, which guarantees the strong power of the machine. The advance intelligent electronic control system can give full play to the efficiency of the machine. Meanwhile, the reasonable local structural design noticeably reduces the wearable and consumable.

▲ Engine
Cummins electronic fuel-injection turbocharged inter-cooling engine adopted has high reliability, fuel economy and high reserve power. The engine emission meets the European EPAC3 standard, which means the engine is environmental friendly. In addition, it can operate regularly even in alpine and high-altitude areas.

Hydraulic Components
The hydraulic system developed in joint efforts with a world first-class element manufacture is able to improve the hydraulic energy conversion rate of the element and reduce the transmission loss of pipelines of the system.

Multi-mode power head, enabling high-efficiency drilling in the same stratum
Power output modes matching the load could be selected according to the specific geological conditions to improve the efficiency and energy conservation property of the construction process.

Low cost
▲ Patented roller
The main winch device is designed innovatively based on the construction characteristics of the main winch of the rotary drilling rig. The rope bearing groove is divided into two layers, the inner stair layer and the outer stair layer, by the roller to effectively protect the wearing rope sections that are used the most frequently and prolong the service life of steel wire rope by more than 100%.

▲ Self-loading and self-unloading of counter weight
Removal and assembly of counter weight by the mast is allowed without any other hoisting equipment. So no auxiliary equipment is needed.

▲ Fuel-conserving and efficient power equipment
The perfect matching of overall power of the engine, hydraulic system and load increases the bore forming efficiency by 10% to 25%. The optimized hydraulic system can help reduce the spill loss, throttling loss, and pressure loss along the stroke of the system and can save fuel consumption by 7% to 20%.
▲ Intelligent control ensuring easy driving
The advanced intelligent control system gives full play to the performance of the equipment and makes operation much easier.

▲ Cab
The plastic profile skeleton structure is adopted for the cab, the front and top of which are covered with the high-strength panel frame shield. This way, the safety of operators is guaranteed to the maximum possible extent.
▲ Auxiliary landing leg
The standing leg hidden below the lower mast can not only act as the auxiliary support for drilling construction, but can also help you realize other unimaginable functions.

▲ Safety protection measures
Safety protection is also taken into full consideration during designing of the rotary drilling rig of Sunward to assure customers of safety during construction.

▲ Self-locking of handles
The dedicated electromagnetic locking handle can achieve one-key positioning of handle, which saves heavy physical manual labor.

▲ GPS remote service
GPS, GIS, 2G/3G mobile communication technology is used to build the remote operation, maintenance, monitoring, and cluster collaborative operation control platform of the rotary drilling rig.

Overall height21.5m
Total weight72t
Max. drilling diameter2000mm
Max. drilling depth