SWTC75B Telescopic crawler crane

1. Telescopic boom crawler crane combines the advantages of telescopic boom crane and crawler crane.

2.Advantages over truck crane: high off-road performance,no need of leg support, capability of travelling at load, less operating space,excellent maneuverability, small turning radius.

3. Advantages same as truck crane: telescopic boom,excellent maneuverability and no need of disassembling, no field assembling to save time and labor with high efficiency and convenience.

4. Advantages over crawler crane with truss boom: convenient,no need of disassembling/assembling, easiness for reposition,fewest operating space not restricted by the space.

5. Advantages same as crawler crane with truss boom: low ground pressure and small turning radius, all-weather outdoor operation not restricted by the space.

ATrack basemm5300
BCrawler lengthmm6200
CGround clearance of platformmm1280
DTail swing radiusmm4745
EChassis widthmm3300  / 4960
FTrack widthmm760
GMin.ground clearancemm250
JTrack heightmm1005
KThe top of the operating room is off the groundmm3120
ParametersMax.lifting loadT75
Max.torque of basic boomt.m256.5
Max.lifting force of fullextending boomt.m124.9
Length of basic boomm11.8
Longest arm lengthm44.2
Max.lifting height of the basic armm11.2
Max.lifting height of the longest armm43.6
Work ParametersBoom rising / descending times88 / 57
Boom extending / retracting times90 / 85
Slewing speedrpm1.5
Max.line speedm/min125
Traveling speedkm/h2.1
Micro-traveling speedkm/h1.4
Total weightT68.3
Ground pressureMPa0.082
Operation type

water cooled, intercooler, turbol

Power / SpeedkW/rpm194/2200
Full tank capacityL600