SWDB165 Down-the-hole Drill

SWD series integrated hydraulic down-the-hole drill of Sunward Intelligent has a number of patents and has the advantages including high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, strong adaptability, safety, reliability, etc. It is welcomed by customers.

(1) High efficiency
a. Unique long drill frame structure reduces the auxiliary time for changing drill rod and improves the work efficiency. It can be equipped with 7-12m long rod. When the step height is less than 12m, a remarkable effect can be obtained with the application of single drill rod.
b. Arm type structure has large drill hole coverage. One walking positioning can realize multihole drilling.
c. Pressure of air supply system is 2.5MPa at maximum. The impactor has high drilling efficiency and the maximum speed can reach 1.2m/min.                
(2) Energy conservation and environmental protection
a. Hydraulic system and air compressor are driven by separate engine. The engine of air compressor driven when walking does not work, reducing fuel consumption.
b. Equipped with cyclone and laminar two-stage dust removal system, reducing the emission of PM2.5 when working and improving the working environment;
(3) Strong adaptability    
a. Equipped with four-support telescopic legs or floating chassis with good surface adaptability.
b. The sliding compensation mechanism can make reliable adjustment to the drilling frame and the working contact surface, expanding the scope of work.
c. Complete the challenge regarding harsh working conditions including the elevation of 5300m, 50m under water, 30 degrees below zero...... borne by SWD series down-the-hole drill again and again, and is stably used in all kinds of adverse working conditions, obtaining the customer's praise.
(4) Safty and reliablity
a. Interlocking of adjustment gear and operation gear reduces the possibility of the occurrence of misoperation.
b. The parameter of automatic anti-clamping system can be adjusted according to the working conditions to prevent clamping and reduce the operation difficulty.    
c. Automatic rod removal device is simple and reliable, reducing the labor intensity of the operator and improving the drilling efficiency with high reliability.
d. Full sealed cab prevents dust entering the cab, increasing the comfort of driver and reducing the failure rate of electronic components. 

Drilling range138~180mm
Drill rod diameter110/133mm
Drill rod length8.5m×3
Hole depth, max25m
Working pressure1.38MPa
Fuel tank capacity600L
Feed beam length11500mm
Feed stroke9000mm
Feed extension1800mm
Feed rate, max0.8m/s
Feed force, max40kN
Forward tilting angle-
Overturning angle-
Full length-
Lifing angle-
Swing angle-
Traveling speed2km/h
Traction force, max125kN
Track swing angle-
Ground clearance480mm
Rotary speed, max60rpm
Rotary torque, max4000N.m
Gross weight23t
Working state(L×W×H)7.2×4.3×12m
Transportation state(L×W×H)12×3.2×3.14m