SWTC55B Telescopic crawler crane

Function of self disassembly and assembly of counter weight with rapidity, safety and efficiency.

Five segment telescopic boom, truss type jib with good rigidity, light weight and strong bearing capacity.

It has support leg telescopic caterpillar chassis, long center distance and track space, good stability of traveling with load and high maximum lifting weight.

CAN bus control electric control system, components including torque limiter, sensor and limit swith etc. use imported products with high safety.

Constant power load sensitive and pioneering proportional hydraulic control system, key components use imported parts with stable system and good reliability.

Totally enclosed Luxury operator cabin with wide field of view, comfortable to operate.

Excellent traveling driving force, strong gradeability and capable of traveling with load.

Original package imported engine, original package imported variable pump, strong power, excellent lifting performance and long service life.


ATrack basemm5300
BCrawler lengthmm6200
CGround clearance of platformmm1230
DTail swing radiusmm4535
EChassis widthmm3300  / 4960
FTrack widthmm760
GMin.ground clearancemm400
JTrack heightmm980
KThe top of the operating room is off the groundmm3280
ParametersMax.lifting loadT55
Max.torque of basic boomt.m193
Max.lifting force of fullextending boomt.m73.2
Length of basic boomm11.5
Longest arm lengthm43.5
Max.lifting height of the basic armm11.6
Max.lifting height of the longest armm43.8
Work ParametersBoom rising / descending times70 / 55
Boom extending / retracting times106 / 100
Slewing speedrpm1.3
Max.line speedm/min130
Traveling speedkm/h2.1
Micro-traveling speedkm/h1.4
Total weightT58
Ground pressureMPa0.089
Operation type

turbol, air-air intercooler

Power / SpeedkW/rpm158/2000
Full tank capacityL430