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ZYJ360B-II ZYJ Series Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving piling system with quasi constant power
2. Humanized driver cab and concise and clear control console
3. Piling oil cylinder and motor pump set with scientific and reasonable matching
4. Patented technology - fast return of piling oil cylinder
5. Clear and simple hydraulic piping layout
6. Patented technology - multipoint pressure-equalizing gripper mechanism
7. Unique “side piling and angle piling” device
8. Steel H-shaped pile can be pressed into the trapezoidal and triangular piles according to customer requirements.
9. Simple structure and easy transport
10. New hydraulic walking chassis
11. New patent – side piling device

DimensionWorking length13133mm
Working width6530mm
Transportation height3238mm
Maximum pile driving force360tf
Minimum pile driving speed1.4m/min
Maximum pile driving speed7.2m/min

Traveling capability

Longitudinal travel3m
Lateral travel0.6m
Steering angle10°
Lifting/lowering travel0.9m
Standard hoistQY12C

Maximum hoisting length for center piles

Grounding pressureLong ship122kPa
Short ship145kPa
Border pile spacing1240mm
Minimum corner pile spacing1620mm

Maximum installable round pile clamping jaws


Maximum installable square pile clamping jaws

Optional pile clamping box