SWE70E Small Hydraulic Excavator

The newly upgraded SWE70E is an energy-efficient excavator which perfectly combines low energy consumption with high efficiency. It is a classic model of small excavator and the engineering pioneer in the development of urban development and agriculture water conservancy!


1. The specially designed engine can perfectly match the hydraulic system that has the main valve with the national patent, and the engine works more efficiently and is more energy-saving.

2. Innovative dual operation modes--excavating mode and flat ground mode; the arm moves faster in flat ground mode, improving the efficiency.

3. The enhanced and optimized working devices are more reliable; it improves the excavating capacity by 5% and stronger excavating capacity can meet the requirements of various working conditions.

4. Extra-large driver's cab, in line with the FOPS/ROPS standard, has two-stage adjustable seat, exquisite interior instrument and wide operation space, which greatly increases the comfort of operation and the riding safety.

Parameter List

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length2760mm
C)Ground clearance of platform700mm
D)Tail slewing radius of platform1580mm
E)Chassis width2080mm
F)Crawler width400mm
G)Ground clearance of chassis340mm
H)Crawler height580mm
I)  Shipping length5910mm
J) Shipping height2625mm
K)Shipping width2080mm

Operating range

a)Max. digging height6020mm
b)Max. dumping height4200mm
c)Max. digging depth4015mm
d)Max. vertical digging depth2840mm
e)Max. digging radius6225mm
f) Max. digging reach at ground level6085mm
g)Max. lifting height of bulldozer blade475mm
h)Max. digging depth of bulldozer blade290mm
I) Min. slewing radius2305mm
Bulldozer blade(Length×Width)2080×415mm

Performance parameters

Operating weight(rubber track / steel track)6.5t/6.56t
Standard bucket capacity0.26m³
Bucket digging force50kN
Bucket rod digging force31kN
Travel speed(Max./Min.)4/2.3 km/h
Ground pressure33.9kPa
Swing speed9rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil96L