SWTC26 Telescopic crawler crane

Lifting boom made of high-strength steel, large arc hexagonal cross-section, better rigidity,lighter weight, bigger carrying capacity, lifting torque of basic boom to 875kN·m.

Special controller with precise controlling and high reliability; fully automatic moment limiter, comprehensive protection of lifting moment,overwind and overrelaxation, real-time monitoring of working status,ensuring the safety of operations.

Good performance of Weichai engine peovides reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source.

Full enclosed cab with damping connections, broad vision, attractive appearance, high-grade cushioning seat, air conditioning, good operating comfort.

Special chassis, better working stability and smaller ground pressure to adapt to various road conditions.

Adopts pressure compensation and flow compensation total power hydraulic control system, good motion control performance, high accuracy; adopts highly integrated valve manifolds which obtained national invention patent,simple piping and reliable; more efficient operations,winch single rope speed up to 120m/min.

ATrack basemm3945
BCrawler lengthmm4610
CGround clearance of platformmm1185
DTail swing radiusmm3675
EChassis widthmm2900  / 3950
FTrack widthmm700
GMin.ground clearancemm460
JTrack heightmm990
KThe top of the operating room is off the groundmm3190
ParametersMax.lifting loadT26
Max.torque of basic boomt.m98
Max.lifting force of fullextending boomt.m45
Length of basic boomm10.6
Longest arm lengthm33.1
Max.lifting height of the basic armm10.5
Max.lifting height of the longest armm33
Work ParametersBoom rising / descending times48 / 46
Boom extending / retracting times60 / 55
Slewing speedrpm2.2
Max.line speedm/min125
Traveling speedkm/h2.5
Micro-traveling speedkm/h1.25
Total weightT34.6
Ground pressureMPa0.062
Operation type

water cooled, intercooler,

Power / SpeedkW/rpm142/2200
Full tank capacityL450