SWE60E Small Hydraulic Excavator

Compared with other excavators of the same tonnage, the SWE60E excavator, which is comprehensively upgraded, enjoys the highest cost performance. Its overall weight reaches 6,000kg, its continuous working hours are longer, and its cruising power is better. Its all performance parameters are basically the same as those of 7t excavators. To sum up, its cost is at the 6t excavator level but its benefit reaches 7t level. It indeed has excellent quality and reasonable price.

Parameter List
Outline dimension (L×W×H)5875×1900×2615 mm

Dimension parameter

A)Wheel tread1965mm
B)Total length of track2495mm
C)Ground clearance of platform700mm
D)Tail swing radius1600mm
E)Chassis width1880mm
F)Track width400mm
G)Ground clearance of chassis320mm
H)Track height595mm
I)Total length5875mm
J)Cab roof height2615mm
K)Width of cab1900mm

Working range

a)Max.digging height5855mm
b)Max.  unloading height4175mm
c)Max. digging depth3765mm
d)Max. vertical digging depth3290mm
e)Max. digging reach6175mm
f)Max. digging reach on the

shutdown plane

g)Max. blade lifting height445mm
h)Max. blade digging depth340mm
r)Min. slewing radius2480mm
Dozer blade (L×W)1900×340 mm
Machine weightSteel track6t
Bucket capacity0.2 ~0.34m³
Bucket digging force47kN
Arm digging force31kN
Max. traction48.9kN
Boom swing angle (Left / Right)72°/48°
Traveling speed4.07/2.43 km/h
Ground specific pressure34.5kPa
Swing speed9.4rpm

4-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooling

Displacement 3.054L
Power/Speed 36.2kW/2100rpm

Main pump

Type2 variable plunger pumps
1 gear pump
Displacement2×59+42 L/min
Pressure of main overflow valve2×24+21 MPa
Capacity of fuel tank113L
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank96L