SWTC16B Telescopic crawler crane

Cummins engine, it can provide economic, environmentfriendly and reliable power source, the cover is convenient to open and easy to maintain.

High strength steel plate, large fillet, polygon boom, good rigidity, light weight, strong bearing capacity and reliable performance, imported force limiter, all-direction monitoring operation and high safety performance.

Shock absorption connection is equipped with the fully enclosed operator cabin, high class shock absorption chair,cooling and heating air conditioner, 10-gear electronic gasoline throttle with wide field of view and comfortable to operate.

Japan KYB motor and reducer, lengthened chassis, capable of being equipped with triangle track-shoe as optional, strong driving force, capable of adapting to ground construction under various conditions.

ATrack basemm3820
BCrawler lengthmm4580
CGround clearance of platformmm1192
DTail swing radiusmm3540
EChassis widthmm2800  / 3600
FTrack widthmm700
GMin.ground clearancemm458
JTrack heightmm985
KThe top of the operating room is off the groundmm3120
ParametersMax.lifting loadT16
Max.torque of basic boomt.m61.2
Max.lifting force of fullextending boomt.m30.6
Length of basic boomm10
Longest arm lengthm31.3
Max.lifting height of the basic armm10.1
Max.lifting height of the longest armm31.5
Work ParametersBoom rising / descending times40 / 35
Boom extending / retracting times50 / 40
Slewing speedrpm2.5
Max.line speedm/min140
Traveling speedkm/h4
Micro-traveling speedkm/h2.4
Total weightT28.5
Ground pressureMPa0.053
Operation type

turbol, air-air intercooler

Power / SpeedkW/rpm132/2200
Full tank capacityL330