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SWSD3612 Multi-function Rig with Dual Power Head

Other Models

1. Full hydraulic drive, dual power head, constant power variable and large torque output.

2. High-strength pillar with large diameter and hinged three-point support can help realize horizontal fine-tuning and vertical automatic adjustment.

3. Chassis structure design with high stability.

4. Comfortable and safe driving space with convenient and fast operation.

5. Advanced electronic control system, with complete functions, advanced, reliable, and easy to operate and control. 

6. Advanced hydraulic system, which is the reliable technical support of high-precision operation.

7. Dual engine, dual pump configuration and full hydraulic drive.

8. New way-type drilling unit of spiral drill pipe + outer casing pipe + down-the-hole hammer.

9. Optional electric dual-speed power head and electric frequency conversion stepless speed regulation power head

Main Parameter
Machine weightApp. 75t(without counterweight, power head, column)
Counterweight weight25.5t(8+7.5+5.5)
Allowable max. travel weightApp. 170t(when working device is mounted)
Working status(L × W × H)12.50×6.23×38.85m(without lifting hook arm)
Transport status(L × W × H)11.43×3.30×3.53m(without stud etc.)
Ground areaApp. 10.42㎡
Ground pressure0.163MPa
Max. drilldiameterΦ1200mm(with casing)
Quantity2 sets
Rated power194kW/2200rpm
Max. torque987N.m/1500rpm
Outer Rotary Head
WeightApp. 8.5t
Inner Rotary Head
WeightApp. 5.5t
Main Winch(Outer Rotary Head)
Pull force in single rope98kN
Steel rope diameter26/44mm(/ transition rope)
Needed rope length280m
Aux Winch(Inner Rotary Head
Pull force in single rope61.25kN
Steel rope diameter22mm
Needed rope length350m
Vertical Frame Winch
Pull force in single rope98kN
Steel ropediameter22/44mm(/ transition rope)
Needed rope length175m
Lifting Hook Winch
Pull force in single rope78kN
Steel ropediameter22mm
Needed rope length100m
Manned Winch
Pull force in single rope10kN
Steel ropediameter14mm
Needed rope length90m
Pile Frame Stud
Stud diameterΦ920mm
Stud length21~36m
Main rack dimensionΦ102×850mm
Aux rack dimensionΦ70×330mm
Forward and Backward tilt±10°
Left and Right tilt±2°
Max. lifting force784kN(80t)
Crawler Chassis
Crawler extend width5180mm
Crawler retract width3480mm
Track shoe width960mm
Travel speed0.6~1.2km/h
Upper-carriage swing speed0.6~1.0r/min
Upper-carriage swing angle360°