SWDL800 Spiral pile drill rig

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SWDL series screw-type ground pile drilling rig, is an innovative screw-type ground pile drilling equipment developed by the company, widely used in the ground piles engineering in the erection of solar panels,

billboards, street lights, fences, flagpoles, traffic signage, isolation nets, and simple houses, and it has good adaptation to the ground, high drilling efficient and is easy to operate.

◆ Large-torque power head rotation, strong power, great ground adaptation.

◆ The rotation can be accurately matched with the propelling based on the operating conditions on the ground, and it is easy to adjust and offers high drilling efficiency.

◆ The pile guide device can ensure the perpendicularity of the piles being drilled.

◆ It is equipped with different pile extension devices, depending on the size of the pile, and they are easy and fast to remove and install.

◆ Multiple tools for down-the-hole impact, cutting, and short screwing can be provided depending on the strata status, achieving all-strata drilling.

Main DataSWDL800
Pile parameters
Pile diameter76~200 mm
Pile depth4000mm
Wheel track2745mm
Crawler width350mm
Ground clearance460mm
Bulldozer blade length--
Travel capability
Traction force, max100kN
Travel speed3.2/2.0 km/h
Track tilt angle±10°
Feed beam length6920mm
Feed stroke4500mm
Feed speed4m/s
Lifting speed30m/min
Feed force75kN
Rotary torque6000N.m
Rotary speed40rpm
Fuel tank capacity300L
Performance parameter
Gross weight16t
Diamension(L×W×H)9.04×2.95×3.4 m
Upper carriage rotation--