SWE150E Medium Hydraulic Excavator

The newly upgraded SWE150E not only adheres to the overall energy efficient performance of urban construction Pioneer series, but also adopts the special power system of medium-sized excavator, the electric control system as well as the working device specially strengthened for quarry, making it capable of various earthwork construction tasks and a picked device for earthwork construction.


1. The engine has a power up to 89kW and matches with advanced hydraulic system to improve traction and excavating force, which contributes to its higher working efficiency.

2. The new generation of working device has higher working strength and larger excavating range, which can adapt to high intensity working conditions.

3. It adopts independent intellectual property rights of ELAC electronic control system to achieve precise control of the engine and hydraulic system, which can effectively control the flow of losses and has good maneuverability, high efficiency and energy saving performance.

4. Luxury driver's cab, in line with FOPS / ROPS standards, together with its new type of two-stage adjustable damping seats, completely new interior decoration and automatic air conditioning system helps ensure good visibility, reduces the blind spots of sight, and improves operation security to the maximum extent.

Parameter List
Size(L×W×H)7815×2600×2825 mm

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length3735mm
C)Ground clearance of platform915mm
D)Tail slewing radius of platform2350mm
E)Width of upper body2520mm
G)Chassis width2600mm
H)Track width600mm
I)Chassis ground clearance410mm
J)Cab roof height2825mm
K)Transport boom height2600mm
L)Transport length7815mm

Operating range

a)Max.digging height8630mm
b)Max.dumping height6130mm
c)Max.digging depth5640mm
d)Max. vertical digging depth4540mm
e)Max.digging radius8355mm
f)Max.digging reach at ground level8230mm
h)Min.slewing radius2510mm

Performance parameters

Operating weight(steel track)14.8t
Standard bucket capacity0.6m³
Bucket digging force100kN
Bucket rod digging force72.5kN
Travel speed(Max./Min.)5.4/3.3 km/h
Ground pressure36kPa
Swing speed11.1rpm
4-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled, turbocharged

Oil tank capacity

Fuel tank245L
Hydraulic tank150L