SWRT55 Rough terrain wheel crane

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SWRT55 rough terrain crane has the advantages of big ground clearance, wide wheelspan, good stability, short wheelbase and small turning radius,

therefore it is specially suitable for lifting operation in narrow workplaces. It is capable of 360°full circle swinging lifting operation, in

addition, it can operate without outrigger and travel with load. This product is widely applied in load hoisting operation at workplaces including

construction field, outdoor oilfield,warehouse, goods yard, logistics base & wharf etc. and hoisting & travelling operation for short-distance

transition & narrow space.

SWRT55 rough terrain crane consists of special chassis and lifting operation units including imported power system, transmission system, suspension

system, steering system, braking system, hoisting mechanism, luffing mechanism, swing mechanism, boom system, rotary table, frame, outrigger,

hydraulic system, electrical system and operator cabin etc. The crane has 41.5-dead weight ton, the outside dimension of whole machine is

13650×3300×3750mm, the maximum lifting load is 55t, the maximum lifting height is about 42.5m(distance to
overhead pulley center), the maximum lifting height of jib is 59.1m, the maximum travel speed is 40km/h,it has the characteristics of cross-

country running, capability of three steering control methods including all-wheel steering, fourwheel steering & crabbing and travelling with load

in lifting operation etc.

All-wheel drive,ampleground clearance,strong cross-country performance and suitability for traveling in various road conditions.

Travelling with load, it can hoist up to 16.8 tons of loads in travelling.

Multiple kinds of telescopic outrigger operation modes, suitability for various kinds of situations and construction sites, capability of operation

with full- extending outrigger, half-extending outrigger, full-retracting outrigger or without outrigger

Flexible steering mode sincluding two-wheel steering, crabbing and all-wheel steering, short wheelbase, short turning radius, strong flexibility

and suitability for travelling & operation in narrow space.

Advanced control system, utilizing 3B6 control system with global service, capability of detection of outrigger state, rotation angle and
boom system state, safety system of torque limiting, overloading warning, overwinding protection and chassis tilting warning & limitation, in

addition, upcarriage and carriage bus control system & fault detection coding etc.

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