SWE08B Mini Hydraulic Excavator

▲ Strong power system and high reliability

- Using imported engine and hydraulic system, stable and durable.

▲ Working range

- Telescopic crawler, able to walk and work in narrow and confined space range.

▲ Easy to maintain

- Large maintenance space, convenient for the periodic maintenance of various parts.

▲ Delicate and beautiful appearance

- Streamlined design, smooth and beautiful appearance.

Parameter List

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length1299mm
C)Ground clearance of platform418.5mm
D)Tail slewing radius of platform750mm
E)Chassis width750/1000mm
F)Crawler width180mm
G)Ground clearance of chassis131mm
H)Crawler height330mm
I)  Shipping length2640mm
J) Shipping height2250mm
K) Shipping width750mm

Operating range

a)Max. digging height3085mm
b)Max. dumping height2305mm
c)Max. digging depth1825mm
e)Max. digging radius3180mm
f) Max. digging reach at ground level3085mm
g)Max. lifting height of bulldozer blade225mm
h)Max. digging depth of bulldozer blade225mm
I) Min. slewing radius1221mm
Dozer size(Width×Height)700(1000)×190mm

Performance parameters

Operating  weight(rubber track)1.01t
Standard bucket capacity0.022m³
Bucket digging force9.4kN
Bucket rod digging force5.8kN
Traveling speed2.9/1.5km/h
Ground pressure24.5kPa
Swing speed8.2rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil9.5L