SWTC5 Telescopic crawler crane

▲ The CANBUS control system and Moment system offer protection on winch’s winding procedure and prevent the arm from exceeding the definied range, and prevent overload lifting. The safety system meets the EN13000 standards.

▲ The operation system has micro-motion features. There are overturn protective rails in cab for a safer loaded travelling.

▲ It has a telescopic support shovel for a higher working stability.

▲ The constant-power and load-sense hydraulic system, all key hydraulics components are world famous, ensure the stability and reliability, the compact-layout make maintenance more convenient.

▲ The tail is short and has a small steering radius, particularly suitable for narrow working areas.

▲ Applicable to the municipal works, the internal construction, uneven worksite and needing small range shifting site.

ATrack basemm2335
BCrawler lengthmm2915
CGround clearance of platformmm751
DTail swing radiusmm1471
EChassis widthmm2320
FTrack widthmm450
GMin.ground clearancemm343
JTrack heightmm650
KThe top of the operating room is off the groundmm2795
ParametersMax.lifting loadT5
Max.torque of basic boomt.m10.5
Max.lifting force of fullextending boomt.m6
Length of basic boomm4.63
Longest arm lengthm15.63
Max.lifting height of the basic armm5.3
Max.lifting height of the longest armm16.13
Work ParametersBoom rising / descending times11 / 9
Boom extending / retracting times23 / 39
Slewing speedrpm3
Max.line speedm/min110
Traveling speedkm/h3.8
Micro-traveling speedkm/h0.25
Total weightT10.91
Ground pressureMPa0.051
Operation type

Water cooled / Turbol

Power / SpeedkW/rpm43.4/2200
Full tank capacityL125