SWDH89A Hydraulic drilling rig

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High power hydraulic rock drill Christopher DF600S, came from northern Finland, is made for drilling. Adopting unique patented technology of high frequency drive enables more rapid drilling with low maintenance cost and less drill tools. The rock drill is provided with itself a drill rod pulling device which can helps loosen the jammed shank. At the same time, once jammed drill occurs under bad rock conditions, drill rod pulling device can help pull the drill to avoid loss of drilling tool. Meanwhile, special hydraulic rock drill can be selected according to the customer’s demand.
The drill adopts American Cummins QSB6.7 series turbocharged electronic fuel injection engine which is in line with Euro III discharge standard, and the air compressor, hydraulic pump and the engine are integrated by direct connection, which contributes to the maximum transmission power and reduces the energy loss.
Professionally designed hydraulic drilling valve block helps realize high degree of matching from the pump to the hydraulic rock drill and more precise control over the hydraulic rock drill, thus enabling it to adapt to the working conditions of different strata. It can constantly adapt to the changing rock layer by automatically adjusting the impact force, push force, rotary torque and other parameters, thereby increasing the drilling speed and reducing fuel consumption.
Efficient crawler walking mechanism with special chassis for mines and articulated floating leveling helps achieve excellent off-road performance and a substantial increase in climbing ability, with the maximum gradeability reaching 25 °.
Automatic rod changing mechanism is equipped with bionics manipulators and drill pipe warehouse of rotating disc type cycle permutation. A control handle can complete the rod mounting and removal operation and can choose any drill pipe from the warehouse to reduce the wear of drill pipe.
Automatic anti jamming rod mechanism helps achieve rotary pressure control forward (RPCF) by hydraulic control, rotary pressure control impact (RPCI), forward pressure control impact (FPCI) and multiple protection functions. Intelligent logic control over drilling process helps achieve strata self-adaption. The mechanism can automatically lift up the drilling tools in the case of jamming so as to protect the device, thus greatly reducing the wear of drill pipe and drill bit.
Automatically lift the drilling tool when jamming occurred to prevent jam, achieve the purpose of protecting device and greatly reduce the consumption of drill pipe and drill bit.
Compressor with large displacement helps increase the dedusting air volume, enables faster drilling speed and reduces the wear of drill bit. Meanwhile, it can absorb the drilling hole dust better together with the efficient whirlwind and laminar dust collection device, thus reducing the amount of dust in the case of drilling, thereby creating more comfortable working environment.
All electrical controls are concentrated in the central control box to effectively prevent dust entering. It is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis system and fault shutdown system for maintenance.

Drilling range64~89mm
Drill rod diameterT45mm、T51mm
Drill rod length3.66m×7
Hole depth, max25m
Working pressure0.8MPa
Actual delivery6m³/min
Rated power142kW/2200rpm
Fuel tank350L
Length of drill rig8000mm
Feed length5000mm
Feed extension1200mm
Pitch angle140°
Overturn angle-20°~+90°
Feed rate, max0.8m/s
Feed force, max25kN
Feed pull, max35kN
Boom length, total2800mm
Lifting angle+45°~-30°
Swing angle15°(L) / 55°(R)
Travel speed3.5/2.0km/h
Traction force, max100kN
Hill climbing ability25°
Crawler frame angular±10°
Ground clearance400mm
Impact power20kW14.7kW
Rotary speed200rpm200rpm
Rotary torque1200N.m1000N.m
Gross weight14t
Transportation state( L×W×H)11×2.92×3.35m
Working state( L×W×H)8.4×2.92×9.15m