SWDH115A Hydraulic drilling rig

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★ Core components

→Sunward hydraulic rock drill with independent intellectual property rights own the shanks rebound energy absorption device. The working life of drilling tools can be guaranteed; machine reliability has stood the company strengthened test and jobsite application ordeal.

★ Powerful off-road capacity

→The floating hinged chassis allows for ±10° adaptive floating, and a maximum gradeability of up to 30° give them extremely good off-road capacity.

★ Intelligent operations

→An automated drill rod chamber equipped with bionic manipulator, where the drill rods are arranged like a turntable when the rig rotates, enabling the extension and removal of drill rigs through a mere handle, which greatly reduces the operating difficulty and improves the efficiency and reliability; the rotation and feed in the extension and removal of drill rods are adaptively controlled through hydraulic pressure, which reduces the wear of threads on the drill rods and thus improves their service life.

→The PLC integrated central control allows for real-time monitoring of operating parameters, and a direct understanding of the equipment’s operating conditions; operating parameters can be remotely stored in the server, so failure analysis can be performed remotely.

→The hydraulic adaptive control for the drilling monitors the rock properties and output corresponding drilling parameters automatically. The rigs get through the rocks well, drill effectively and efficiently, and enable long service life of drill rods.

→The gentle push and punch at the opening improves the probability of pore formation.

★ World-class supporting systems

→Commins (U.S) QSB series EFI engine, turbo charger, Euro III emission are selected and applied, and the air compressor and hydraulic pump are directly connected to the engine to ensure maximum transmission of power and minimization of energy loss.

★ A working environment enabled by efficient dedusting and cleanness maintenance

→The highly efficient cyclone + laminar two-stage dedusting device reduces the dust generation during the rock drilling and creates more comfortable working environment.

★ Good tropical suitability

→The cooling system has two radiators, which enable the air conditioner and the hydraulic oil to dissipate heat separately, even at a temperature close to 50°C in Laos, and an oil temperature of 50°C.

→The fully sealed cab is equipped with original Densoo (Japan) air conditioner, which makes the operator fear no heat and ensures their comfort.

Operation parameterSWDH115A
Drilling range89~127 mm
Drill rod diameterT51mm
Drill rod length3.66m×7
Hole depth, max25m
Air compressor
Working pressure0.8MPa
Fuel tank capacity450L
Feed beam length8000mm
Feed stroke5000mm
Feed extension1200mm
Feed rate, max0.8m/s
Feed force, max25kN
Lifting force, max35kN
Forward tilting angle140°
Overturning angle-20°~+90°
Full length2800mm
Lifting angle+45°~-30°
Oscillating angle15°(L) / 55°(R)
Travel capability
Traveling speed3.5/2 km/h
Traction force, max100kN
Track tilt angle±10°
Ground clearance400mm
Impact power25kW


Rotary speed150rpm130rpm
Rotary torque1800N.m1590N.m
Gross weight16t
Working(L×W×H)8.4×2.92×9.15 m
Transportation(L×W×H)11×2.92×3.35 m