SWDR138 Cutting drill rig

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Based on the secondary development of the established excavator platform, SWDR138 cutting rig is equipped with effective and efficient propelling, rotation, dedusting devices, and screw-type air compressor, achieving fast cutting or impacting of the rock; when provided with an excavation device, it would be a complete excavator, and thus the same machine can be used for three purposes. SWDR138 cutting rigs are used for drilling and blasting in engineering and mining. It fully replaces a combination of separate machines, which increases working efficiency by times and greatly reduces the operation cost.

▲ Fast and large-torque rotary cutting; screw-type air compressors with high pressure and large air flow provide strong power during the drilling of rocks.

▲ Automated extension and removal of drill rods allows for the drilling of deep holes and greatly improves the working efficiency.

▲ The two-stage dry dedusting system and the unique anti-thrusting mechanism effectively reduce dust and maintain a clean working environment.

▲ The rotation and propelling are adaptive to the change of rock layers through the hydraulic pressure, which effectively improves the drilling efficiency, and prevents the rig from jamming.

Operation parameterSWDR138
Drilling range105~152 mm
Drill rod diameter83mm
Drill rod length4m
Hole depth, max24m
Upper carriage rotation360°
Air compressor
Working pressure1.7MPa
Fuel tank capacity300L
Feed beam length8200mm
Feed stroke4500mm
Feed rate, max0.8m/s
Feed force, max40kN
Lifting force, max50kN
Boom deflection--
Travel capability
Traveling speed3.45/5.6 km/h
Traction force, max160kN
Ground clearance480mm
Ground pressure0.5bar
Track tilt angle--
Rotary head
Rotary speed200rpm
Rotary torque4000N.m
Gross weight24t
Working(L×W×H)11×3.4×8.5 m
Transportation(L×W×H)14.8×3.4×3.5 m