Large Excavator

Large Excavator概述
Sunward large excavator is special excavators launched dedicated to mines, which boasts reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and comfort. Adopting the idea of “integrated innovation” and “open innovation”, it has been developed based on Sunward’s long-term accumulation of machine design and electro-hydraulic integration technology. Its main component is the power and hydraulic systems customized by cooperation with internationally renowned strategic core parts suppliers and the self-developed control and monitoring system is its core. The machine is equipped with a high-grade cab that conforms to the Europe FOPS / ROPS safety standards. In addition, the machine is provided with excellent hydraulic system, strong rotation system, powerful traveling system, durable working device, stable and reliable chassis and an operating handle for easy control; with simple and convenient maintenance as well as a monitoring system of wide viewing angle, high definition, high brightness, friendliness and rich content, the machine can be used to carry out various construction tasks of earthworks and thus become a new mining equipment! By virtue of its excellent performance and reliable quality, the large excavators are worthy of the title “Powerful mining equipment”!
    • SWE365E-3


      Operating weight:35.6~38.8t

      Bucket capacity:1.6~2.0m³

      Engine power:227kW/2000rpm

    • SWE470E-3


      Operating weight:46.8~47.5t

      Bucket capacity:2.2~3.2m³

      Engine power:261kW/2000rpm

    • SWE500E-3


      Operating weight:48.0~49.0t

      Bucket capacity:2.2~3.2m³

      Engine power:261kW/2000rpm