SWL3220Wheeled skid steer loader


1. Innovative overall structure
The hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank and chassis are integrated together, saving more space and making the machine more robust.
2. Strong power system
It uses the international famous engine to ensure that the machine is capable of completing all kinds of work.
3. Vertical lifting mechanism
The unique lifting mechanism enables the machine to have further discharge distance.
4. Safe and comfortable working environment
The driver cab is capacious and has good view, which meets ROPS/FOPS. All instruments are installed in the place which can be easily seen in the front, all buttons and switches are within reach, and safety rail can prevent people from leaving the seat accidentally.
5. Higher lifting height
The optimized structure design enables the machine to have the greater lifting height among the similar models.
6. Multifunction
Various accessories can be replaced.
7. Convenient maintenance
Full consideration is given to the convenience of maintenance, and daily maintenance can be completed by opening the back cover. The driver cab can turn forward with large angle.
8. Easy operation
Pilot handle under proportional control is easily operated and labor-saving, allowing the operator to operate the machine quickly and not to feel fatigued.

Model SWL3220
Dimension(L×B×H) mm 3651×1830×2068
Working parameters A Max.operatingaltitude mm 4020
B Height tobucket hinge pin mm 3123
C Height to topof cab mm 2068
D Height to bottom of level bucket mm 2948
E Overalllength without attachment mm 2950
F Overalllength with standard bucket mm 3651
G Max.heightof the unloaded angle ° 43
H Dumping height mm 2395
J Dumping reach mm 625
K Bucket onthe groud of the flip angle ° 30
L Bucket atthe highest flip angle ° 93
M Wheelbase mm 1116
P Ground clearance mm 205
Q Angle ofdeparture ° 27
R Without the attachments before turning radius mm 1342
S Before turningradius mm 2180
T After turningradius mm 1700
U Tail length(rear axle to bumper) mm 1122
V Two tires(track) center distance mm 1475
W Bucket width mm 1830
Total weight kg 3350
Performance Loading capacity kg 1000
Tipping load kg 2000
Bucket breakout forece lift kg 2480
Boom breakout forece lift kg 2430
Max.speed km/h 12.6