Strong Line-up with Innovative Products! Sunward Shining in CICEE
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Strong Line-up with Innovative Products! Sunward Shining in CICEE

On May 15, 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) kicked off in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, where about 1,150 companies from China, South Korea, Germany, the U.S., Japan and other countries gathered with their new products and technology for contest! At the home field, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group shines at the arena with its more than 30 star products. The strong product line-up is in the limelight as it shows pioneering innovation fruits based on 20 years of efforts, arousing fervent attention.

The Group, with an exhibition area of over 3,000m2, demonstrated such hot-sale products as excavator, skip steer loader, rotary drilling rig, rock drilling equipment and hoisting machinery in the exhibition. Each exhibit manifests the characteristics and represents 20-year originality of Sunward, and is viewed by pushy audience.

The exhibited excavator is of full range from 0.8t to 90t. It is gracefully shaped, easy to operate and convenient to maintain, with excellent performance and advanced international level. The large and medium-sized model features robust power, low oil consumption, energy conservation and environmental friendliness; the small or micro model, perfect in workmanship and aesthetic in appearance, is more convenient to maintain, humanized to operate and more secure for users.

The skip steer loader showed is of models SWL2820-II, SWL3210-II and SWL4018. Characterized by compact structure, flexible action, easy operation, powerful function and simple maintenance, the loader can meet the requirements for large flow accessories and make it possible for customers to gain greater return on investment in different contexts.

The rotary drilling rig demonstrated has models of SWDM60, SWDM160, SWDM300 and SWDM360H. Adhering to the idea of “pioneering innovation”, the rig of Sunward is committed to be more energy-efficient and environmental, resulting in quick transportation and high-efficiency construction.

For rock drilling equipment, the models of SWDE165A and SWDH89A debuted on the spot. Compared to similar products in the market, they show a lower operation cost, higher efficiency and wider application scope, and renders strong performance capacity and higher accuracy.

In terms of hoisting machinery, its models of SWTC26 and SWRT26 were displayed. With excellent performance and great operation height and range, the advanced and reliable machines can be used for multiple purposes.

Among them, scrapped car disassembly machine of SWD280, based on hydraulic shear of imported brand, has 7% higher maximum shear force than its rivals; clamp pressure arm under electric proportional control has adjustable kinematic velocity and better coordination and control performance. On the basis of customized controller algorithm, the mode of action control and engine matching is more suitable for scrapped car dismantling.

Apart from the products above, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group has also displayed its shield tunneling machine model and Aurora Light sport aircraft, attracting the audience to take photos.

Furthermore, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group has also picked up the audience to Sunward Industrial City in batches, where they can further observe the full range of excavators, static pile press machines, aviation sector, special equipment, rock drilling equipment and hoisting machinery, understand the differentiated development strategy of Sunward in an all-round way and appreciate the unique demeanor of Sunward.

During the exhibition, the periphery of Sunward, interactive game experience area and business negotiation area are crowded and extremely lively. In the interactive game experience area, the audience competes to participate in the fun challenge. By controlling the excavator to thread the needle, they not only show their exquisite skills, but also have the chance to win the fine prize. In the equipment periphery and business negotiation area, many users deeply communicate with workers of Sunward about the equipment of their own concern, with orders concluded one after another...

2019 CICEE is in full swing. Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group will meet you at S11 in outdoor exhibition area S1 and C001 of indoor pavilion E3 for a feast! In addition, we have prepared online welfare for you. By scanning the QR code and following the official account of Sunward to draw a lottery, you will have the opportunity to bring home the excavator model and many other prizes! What are you waiting for? Come on!