Sunward Green ▏Two Major Reasons of Being Internet Celebrity in Europe
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[Originally reported on HC360.COM] At present, the high-profile Bauma 2019 is coming to an end. In this high-level arena of global construction machinery, SUNWARD, as one of the world's top 50 Chinese construction machinery enterprises, show a series of independently innovative products, represented by excavators and rotary drilling rigs, which shine in the exhibition and attract numerous European fans. Rows of "Sunward Green" form a beautiful scenery line.

In the Bauma 2019, SUNWARD's brilliant performance is undoubtedly stunning. Not only its products are highly praised, but also its brand reputation rises sharply. Obviously, SUNWARD has fully made its preparations. The brilliant performance of SUNWARD's excavators and drilling rigs is the consequence of its many years of "adjusting measures to local conditions" and "strategy development" for the European market and customers.


The "localization" strategy is an important factor guaranteeing SUNWARD's integrated development in European market.


With the prospective strategic insight, since 2003, SUNWARD has begun to export its products to over 60 countries and regions in 5 continents, including, Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. It is the first Chinese enterprise who exports excavators to Europe. By now, the export volume of SUNWARD mini excavators has been more than ten thousand. Currently, SUNWARD has over 50 sales agents, with a selling network covering the whole Europe. Besides, it has established a subsidiary corporation in Belgium, the heart of Europe. This subsidiary corporation serves as the market service platform, with a service radius covering the whole Europe.

In addition to local sales service centers in Europe, SUNWARD is constructing localized R&D center and manufacturing base in Europe, to meet the increasing demands of products in European market and provide platform support for Sunward's various product adaptation improvements in major European markets to meet the needs of diverse customers. Localization of R&D, manufacturing, service and operation is the root for SUNWARD keeping a foothold in European market.

After years of hard work, European and American users have a deep impression on SUNWARD. Both performance and quality of SUNWARD's small and mini excavators are accepted by the customers and named as "garden spirit"! With customization, SUNWARD is rooted in Europe market and distinguish itself.


In addition to the localization strategy, the differentiated product strategy is undoubtedly another important factor enabling SUNWARD to occupy a place in European market.


The small excavator industry in Europe starts earlier and it is more mature. Over the past 20 years, the market of small excavators in Europe has kept growing as a whole. Compared with the sales volume of small excavators in 1998 in Europe, that in 2017 increased by 1.2 times. Therefore, the demands of small excavators in European market are relatively large.

In this exhibition, SUNWARD perfectly meets the needs of European market and highlights the mini, small and tailless excavators customized for Europe and meeting the European emission standards. Relying on the differentiation characteristics such as good looking, sufficient power, environmental protection, and energy saving, SUNWARD's products are highly accepted and praised by the field audiences.


Urban Green Spirit       Leading the New Fashion

SUNWARD's Four Tailless Excavators - SWE25UF, SWE35UF, SWE60UF and SWE90UF

I    Relying on the brand-new style design, the excavators have good looking, full of originality.

II   The excavators are designed as tailless. In combination with the large boom deflection angle, the excavators are applicable to various narrow construction conditions, especially the construction works close to walls.

III  High-power engines meeting the latest emission standards are adopted to ensure the strong power as well as the environmental protection and energy saving at the same time.

IV  The excavators are installed with two rows of auxiliary pipelines and hydraulic quick hitch pipelines as standard configuration, meeting the demands of various auxiliary tools.

V   The excavators have rational somatotype and opening modes for covering parts as well as elaborate layout of components and parts, so that the maintenance is easy and convenient.

Strong and Sufficient Power         Safe and Guaranteed

SUNWARD SWE08B/20F/25F Mini Excavators

I    The excavators are installed with Yanmar engines meeting the North America T4F and European V emission standards. Thus, the power is sufficient.

II   The whole excavators are updated so that the maintenance is more convenient, the manipulation is more humanized, and the safety is higher.

III  The excavators are installed with breaker pipelines (standard), various auxiliary pipelines (standard), and hydraulic quick hitch pipelines (optional). They can quickly replace various auxiliary tools.

IV  The excavators have the automatic gear shifting function so that their straight running is smoother.

As the differentiated innovative products with good looking, flexible manipulation, fine manufacturing and special technology, the SUNWARD excavators attract many people in the exhibition and win many praises.

SUNWARD's brilliant performance in Bauma 2019 undoubtedly increases its brand reputation and international influence significantly. These products comprehensively demonstrate SUNWARD's huge achievements made in overseas localization manufacturing and development and innovation. Meanwhile, these products set a good example for SUNWARD entering and rooting in European and even global markets. SUNWARD pursues to the customer-oriented concept and adjust measures to local conditions. Only the differentiated products and the "innovative technology + localization development" can win wider markets and opportunities.

We expect that SUNWARD will bring into full play in Bauma 2019 - international arena of construction machinery industry, and show both value and charm of products made in China to the World.