One World, One Dream - Wonderful Ending of Sunward at Bauma
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From April 8 to 14, the triennial world’s construction machinery trade fair "Bauma" was opened in Germany, which is known as the leader of construction machinery. Sunward made a brilliant appearance with its mini excavator, medium excavator, skip loader, rotary drilling rig, down-the-hole drill and telescopic crawler crane.

Since its opening, foreign businessmen, new and old agents and customers had gathered at Sunward Booth, demonstrating the popularity and reputation of Sunward products in the European and American markets. Exhibitors carefully watched the products and tried the prototypes, showing great interest in the smart and exquisite exhibition equipment of Sunward.

More than 30 European agents had come to the Bauma and more than 10 new agents were still under negotiation, through which an agreement would be reached later. The 3.5-ton, 6-ton and 9-ton brand new tailless Euro-5 excavators with fashionable and beautiful appearance newly released at the Sunward Booth had been snapped up by many agents, and already ordered until the end of this year. The 5-ton and 10-ton Euro-5 telescopic crawler cranes were launched for the first time at the Bauma, and had been ordered by Swiss agents in high demand.

In addition to the European agents and customers, agents and customers from Southeast Asia and America also came to the Bauma. The Singapore agent of Sunward is both an agent and a partner. After years of cooperation, Sunward's piling machinery products have been rooted in the Singapore market. A sales order of nearly ten million US dollars had been placed between Sunward and the Singapore agent at the Bauma.

Since products were exported to the European market from 2006, Sunward has tens of thousands of products in the European market at present. Its European company established in Belgium in 2015 provides strong guarantee of products and services for European agents and customer by integrating the features of sales, service, warehouse and spare parts. Today, Sunward has laid a solid foundation in Europe and gradually improved its channels, services and supply network for spare parts in Europe.