"3 Took the Lead in" Showing the Develops Course of Sunward Excavators in Europe
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At 8th April, during International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Munich, Germany (Bauma 2019), the press conference for market promotion activity of Chinese construction machinery brand at Bauma2019 conducted by Chinese Ministry of Commerce held in Munich exhibition center. Industry giants all attended this event as the group spokesman of it. Mr. He Qinghua, the President of Sunward was invited to this conference and delivered a speech as the representative of Chinese key enterprises.

The first "took the lead in": in 2004, two excavators, by taking the advantage of China's innovation rising, first came to Sweden and Norway in Europe, and started the internationalization develops of Sunward brand on a high note. At present, Sunward series excavators with beautiful appearance, advanced performance and superior quality have exported to almost every European countries, including Canary Islands.

The second "took the lead in": R&D and design of Sunward excavators have abandoned imitation completely. From its appearance to mechanism device, hydraulic and electric systems and from safe and reliable to high-efficiency and energy-saving all manifested the "self-dependent innovation" Sunward feature. Sunward excavators have patented more than 100 technologies in excavators position, and pioneered excavator robots and hydraulic hybrid excavator which launched at industry world exhibition, making Sunward excavator technology the world leader!

The third "took the lead in": In Changsha, Hunan , where the matched facilities are weaker, Sunward took the lead to manufacturing high-quality excavator hydraulic cylinder and excavator driver room which meets the standard of FOPS&TOPS&ROPS. And driven by Sunward, matched enterprises started to developing rubber crawler which meets the European market requirement, and some world-renowned engine and hydraulic producers entered Chinese excavator market by cooperating with Sunward.

Basing on that, Sunward also established a perfect after-sales service system. In addition to fine-finished machines, spare part warehouse and repair/rebuild service, a closely related with the market R&D center also established in Belgium base.

"In conclusion, the develops in Europe of Sunward excavators is an epitome of Sunward innovation-leading develops, and also a classic example of that Chinese made products stepping on the international arena and earning widespread acceptance " , said as Mr.He Qinghua in his speech.