Showing the Charm of "Wisdom in China", Sunward Shining at Bauma with Innovative Lineup!
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From April 8 to 14, 2019, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (hereinafter referred to as "Sunward"), a domestic construction machinery giant brought a series of independently innovative products represented by excavators and rotary drilling rigs to the International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Munich, Germany (Bauma 2019). At this grand stage - the highest level in the world's construction engineering field, it played a resounding melody with many innovative elements leading the development trend of the industry.

In this exhibition, Sunward, at the outdoor booth FN618/10, displayed its tailless excavator, skid-steer loader, telescopic jib crawler crane, rotary drilling rig, integrated down-the-hole drill and other high-end products independently developed.

Among the excavators on display, the most eye-catching are two brand-new excavators, SWE 155F and SWE215F, which are specially developed and designed for the European market and meet the Euro5 emission standards. Once the two products appeared, they attracted numerous concerns from the scene and instantly became the focus of the audiences. In addition, Sunward also displayed four tailless models and three micro-excavation models, all of which are beautiful in appearance and full of power, conform to European local emission standards, and have outstanding performance in environmental protection and energy conservation.

Also, rotary drilling rig SWDM160S which up to the European and American emission requirements, integrated down-the-hole drill SWDE16, the new generation of small-sized skid-steer loader SWL2830, medium-sized skid-steer loader SWL3230 and telescopic crawler crane SWTC10 displayed by Sunward this time all attracted extensive attentions.

In addition to the equipments display, Sunward also held quite challenging but interesting competition which was using excavator to thread a needle on the spot, attracting wide participation from the audiences.

"In 2001, At this moment, the newly established group started to look for overseas development. And with respect to and admiration for the world's top event of engineering machinery, Mr. He Qinghua, board chairman of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, led his colleagues to stop and study as visitors in the city. In 2005 and 2007, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group successively participated in the INTERMAT exhibition in France and the BAUMA exhibition in Germany for the first time, thus starting its strategic action of introducing Sunward intelligent equipment to the world. Every year, the appearance of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, a representative of Chinese engineering machinery, can be found in the three major international events of engineering machinery in the world", Mr. Xia Zhihong , the General Manager of Sunward, told domestic and foreign media group.

At this Bauma, Sunward once again blossomed with innovative products and technologies, sounding a clarion call to further explore the European market.