To South Africa's High-end Mining Market! Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group Dispatches Drilling Equipment in Batches
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At 8:30 a.m. on April 10, with the order of Long Jucai - the Deputy General Manager of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group, 10 transport vehicles carrying Sunward’s drilling equipment slowly drove out of the factory gate and embarked on a new journey to the high-end mining market in South Africa.


In the field of mine drilling equipment, Sunward, through years of continuous research, has successively overcome a series of technical difficulties and obtained many patented technologies. At present, Sunward's integrated hydraulic DTH drilling rig and other series of drilling equipment have been widely used in underwater, plateau, underground or open-air drilling construction works. Sunward has become a model of transferring scientific and technological achievements into productivity.


The cooperation between Sunward and GIGI and LD Group has resulted in a total of 20 orders for rock drilling equipment. These are the first 10 sets of equipment. Before this, GIGI and LD Group chose Sunward from many brands mainly because of its strong independent innovation ability, its win-win concept of adhering to the common development with customers, and its marketing service concept of "only creating value for customers can create value for itself".


Zhu Jianxin, the Deputy General Manager of Sunward, said at the departure ceremony that taking advantage of this cooperation, Sunward will give full play to its innovative advantages and combine the resource advantages of the two companies to seek greater win-win development in the South Africa’s market.


The achievement of this strategic cooperation means that Sunward drilling equipment has successfully entered the high-end mining market in South Africa. In the future, relying on South Africa's national platform, Sunward will better expand the entire southern African market oriented by market demand. Sunward’s DTH drilling equipment is expected to achieve rapid leapfrog development in the South Africa’s market.