Sunward Intelligent Rotary Drilling Rig Won Industrial Award - "Golden Public Praise" Award
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On April 2, under the guidance of China Construction Machinery Association and China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision Testing Center, the "2019 Construction Machinery Product Development (Beijing) Forum and China Construction Machinery Annual TOP 50 Products Award Ceremony" hosted by the Construction Machinery and Maintenance magazine media and organized by the Workmanship Construction Machinery Media was solemnly held in Beijing.

With outstanding technological innovation, excellent performance and extraordinary market performance, Sunward Intelligent SWDM360H rotary drilling rig has stood out from the fierce competition and successfully won the Golden Public Praise Award in the "China Construction Machinery Annual TOP 50 Products Award Ceremony (2019)". Also, this is the only rotary drilling rig that has won this award in the industry. This is an affirmation of Sunward's comprehensive strength by the industry and the market, highlighting Sunward's leading strength in the field of construction machinery in China.

As the saying goes, gold cups and silver cups are not as good as users' praise. This rotary drilling rig features many innovative technologies, reliable performance, high construction efficiency, stability and low cost. It can overcome construction difficulties, highlighting its excellent performance. Fully recognized by customers, it is a fully-deserved "Golden Public Praise" product in customers' mind.

Remote control: During transportation, uploading or downloading to or from a platform lorry or traveling in complicated ground conditions, remote control can be used to ensure the safety of personnel and the machine.


Special chassis: An independently developed heavy-duty special chassis suitable for actual working loads of rotary excavation is equipped to allow the drilling rig to operate stably and reliably in 360 degrees. The chassis can be retracted to such a width for transportation that meets the requirements of highway transportation.

Winch arrangement: The main and auxiliary winches are installed on the platform. This design greatly reduces the rotary inertia at the upper part of the platform and the tilting moment of the working device, and improves the stability of the whole machine. Moreover, the main winch is wound in a single layer, doubling the service life of steel wire rope and significantly reducing the construction cost.


Mast structure: The mast is designed with a high-strength anti-deformation structure. It rectangular cross section is wider in the guide rail direction. This structure effectively reduces the structural stress of the mast and is more suitable for rock drilling conditions featuring high-strength variable loads.


According to information, the sales volume of SWDM360H has increased year by year since it was launched, with nearly 300 units sold in 2018 only, setting a number of records in the industry; for example, drilling 98m into the sea for construction of Wenzhou Feiyun River Bridge, 3.5m super-large diameter high-efficiency full rock formation drilling in Chongqing, drilling 80m underwater for construction of Zijiang Railway Bridge for Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway. The product has been exported in batches to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. This series of excellent market performance has established Sunward Intelligent rotary drilling rig's leading position in the industry.