Sunward Shining at Bauma 2019 with Star Products
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The 32nd Munich International Exhibition of Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Parts (bauma 2019) will be held at the Munich International Exhibition Center from April 8 to 14, 2019. At the three-year high-level exhibition, the latest and most technologically advanced products in the field of construction engineering in the world will be gathered under one roof. At that time, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group (Sunward) will present its independently developed high-end products, including tailless excavators, skid steer loaders, telescopic boom crawler cranes, rotary drilling rigs and integrated down-the-hole drills to the audience in the outdoor exhibition area FN618/10.

Particularly, Sunward will put on exhibition two new types of excavators, namely, SWE 155F and SWE215F, which are specially developed and designed for the European market and fully meet the Euro 5 emission standard. 

Now, let's take a look at the star models that Sunward will put on the exhibition. 

UF-series Tailless Excavator

In terms of tailless excavators, Sunward will bring its tailless series of excavators developed for compact space construction, including four models, i.e. SWE25UF, SWE35UF, SWE60UF and SWE90UF. 

All of those four models have a brand-new design style with wonderful appearance. The tailless excavators are designed to fit in with the deflection of the large-angle boom and are suitable for various narrow construction conditions and construction works against walls. Meanwhile, a high-power engine that conforms to the latest emission standards is also adopted for the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation without compromising strong power. Two rows of auxiliary pipelines and quick coupler lines are provided as a standard configuration to meet the requirements of various accessories. With reasonable type and opening mode of covering parts and carefully designed layout of parts, they will be easy to keep and maintain. 

SWDM160S Rotary Drilling Rig

The rotary drilling rig of Sunward for this exhibition is SWDM160S, which is equipped with Euro-4-compliant engine that can meet the emission requirements of Europe and America, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The whole machine with rod can be transported, which caters to the market demand of convenient and fast transportation at relatively low cost. The removable mast is used, with a hole depth of 35 m and a transportation length of just 12 m, which is especially suitable for construction in narrow work sites with low clearance. Optional multi-functional configurations, such as rubber track shoe, high-level soil throwing function module and quick-lowering casing driver, are also available, enabling road travel and efficient construction. 

SWE08B/20F/25F-series Mini Excavator

SWE08B/20F/25F mini excavator with Yanmar engine meeting the North American T4F and Euro-5 emission standards will be presented on the exhibition this time. It is much more powerful and the newly upgraded machine is characterized by more convenient maintenance, user-friendly operation and higher safety. The breaker pipeline in the standard configuration is complemented by optional accessories and quick coupler line which allows quick change of various accessories. It is also equipped with automatic gear shifting function that can make straight travel smoother. 

SWDE165 Integrated Down-the-Hole Drill

The SWDE165 integrated down-the-hole drill to be exhibited this time is provided with the third generation rock drill buffer system and the drilling adaptive system with independent intellectual property rights, enjoying a big cut in operation cost. Featuring an enhanced heat dissipation system and a travel system, it can better adapt to various working conditions and has strong operation capability. With the Japanese Densoo original air conditioner, it can endure high temperature and ensure the comfort of operation. 

SWL2830/SWL3230 S kid Steer Loader

The new generation small-sized skid steer loader SWL2830 and medium-sized skid steer loader SWL3230 will also go on display. They are both equipped with new customized Kubota engines, which are reliable and energy-saving, and comply with the emission regulations of EU Stage5 and EPA Tier4F. With an openable radiator, its parts are easily accessible for maintenance. SWL2830 is suitable for maintenance of municipal roads and narrow spaces for gardening and agricultural operations, while SWL3230 can meet the requirements of more large-flow accessories and help customer gain higher returns on investment in different environments.

All the time, Sunward has been adhering to the core competitive advantage of pilot innovation and realizing leapfrog development with differentiated products. Many of the products to be shown at Bauma are star models that fit the needs of the European market and reflect the innovation and creativity of the Company. The introduction above is only a brief of its multiple wonderful products. For more details about the models, you can come to visit us at the outdoor exhibition area FN618/10. Warm greeting and welcome to all of you!