Ranking soared 7 positions! Sunward ranked to No. 40th in 2018 World’s Top 50 Construction Machinery Manufacturers
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2018 world's top 50 construction machinery manufacturers (Yellow Table 2018) were released recently. Thanks to the continuous pick-up in the domestic construction machinery industry since 2017, Sunward’s ranking sharply raised 7 positions (this

is also the biggest growth in the list), which has raised to 40th.

In 2017, Sunward has submitted a great report card: achieving 3.97 billion yuan in the operating income, it grew by 99.16% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 171 million yuan, which grew by 155.81% year-on-year.

Particularly in 2017, Sunward’s global market share has doubled. Market analysts believed that as the Matthew effect of the industry continues to strengthen, Sunward will not only further increase gross profit margins through the scale effect, but also achieve differentiated competition in products and further expand the market share of segment areas by focusing on core products such as underground engineering equipment and excavating machinery,etc.

Expressed by He Qinghua, the chairman of Sunward, since the Group proposed the strategy of "one point and three lines", great progress has been made in engineering equipment, special equipment and aerospace equipment in these two years. At the same time, the team foundation has been further consolidated, the industrial layout has been further optimized, and the capital market has become a powerful guarantee. To achieve rapid increase in the efficiency and volume of the enterprise will be the development direction and guaranteed goals of all Sunward employees in 2018 and the coming years