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SUNWARD pays great attention to the building of R&D platform, continuously increases the R&D investment, ensures the input of the R&D accounts for 4% of the sales income, and focuses on the testing equipment of the mainstay products, in order to support the R&D, testing, and intermediary inspection. Meanwhile, the company strengthens the building of trial production shops of new products, including the place, equipment, operation systems and employees, strengthens the information construction of the technical center, establishes information network channel among the industrial parks and sub-companies/branches (in Wu xi & Huai bei), in order to achieve the remote design cooperation, sets up product data center, enhances information security management, and continuously increases the investment in design tools, office facilities, etc. 

SUNWARD boasts its abundant R&D facilities including the special technical center building of almost 10,000m² in Changsha, which helps realize local interconnect. The introduction of high-end design tools of CAD/CAE/CAM, especially the promotion and application of 3d software of Inventor has greatly improved the design & management efficiency. The techniques of 3D modeling, engineering analysis, dynamic simulation, digital prototype are also applied in the design process. The implementation of the PLM system helps achieve the effective management over product lifecycle, and combining with PLM distributed deployment, network, visualization, progress and information management of R&D data n is realized. The design and manufacture has been connected by the CAPP system, which greatly improves the process design and application ability, effectively raises the quality of the product and reduces the cost. The integration of PLM and ERP system eliminates the problem of lonely island of the data at the beginning period, in which the PLM data can be directly transmitted to the ERP system to cooperate the management of the product design, ensure the consistency of the data resource, and greatly improve the performance and cooperation of PLM system and the ERP system.

The test system and platform has been designed for the test of complete machine and key parts of the mainstay product, which consists of a complete test system and management progress of development of new product, test certification, fundamental research, and implementation. 

SUNWARD is equipped with a test and commissioning area of almost 50000㎡, where the tests of static and dynamic performance and mimic testing items can be carried out for all series of static pile press-in machines, rotary drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, and excavators. The indoor test area of almost 3000㎡ covers special robot lab, electronic parts EMC lab, HT & LT labs, vibration/concussion/collision lab, engine pedestal lab, hydraulic element cleanness test lab, hydraulic cylinder lab, general lab of hydraulic system, driving cab approved by CNAS, performance test lab of FOPS/ROPS/TOPS, salt spray test lab, lab of mechanical properties of metal materials, metal materials physical and chemical properties of the cab of laboratory, GPS remote monitoring and laboratory analysis laboratory, and service application lab, as well as dozens of test platforms, which greatly supports the strategy of pilot innovation and technical accumulation.