Taking the faculty in the intellectual machine research institute of the Central and South University as the core at the beginning, SUNWARD derived benefits from and has a deep root in the Central and South University. Nowadays, SUNWARD has really achieved the integration of manufacturing, study and research, and become the platform of scientific research, personnel training, and commercialization of R&D results.

In addition, the technical center has cooperated with many famous universities and scientific research institutions, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, National University of Defense Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Hunan University, Lanzhou University of Technology, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha Institute of Mining Research, Guangzhou Research Institute of Building Science, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute, China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the like.

At present, SUNWARD undertakes the teaching for partial undergraduates of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Central and South University, and has cultivated over 200 graduate students and doctoral students (including 16 graduated doctors). Meanwhile, SUNWARD jointly trains the post-doctors with National University of Defense Technology and Hunan University. SUNWARD has provided reliable support for this cooperation mode, such as providing free practice field for the undergraduates of college of mechanical and electrical engineering, opened practices for the graduate students and doctoral students, including free charged facility, site operation of real machine, opportunities of academic exchanges with the experts from famous international institutes, and convenient board and lodging, in order to achieve the mutual exchanging of manufacturing and scientific training and win-win development.

SUNWARD has been awarded the followings for the outstanding achievements in the above-mentioned fields:
In 2007,named as the "Ordinary Higher School Outstanding Teaching Practice Base of Hunan Province";
In 2007,approved as "Post Doctoral Research Station and R & D Center of Hunan Province";
In 2008,named as the "Innovation Base for the Training of the First Batch of Graduate Students of Hunan Province";
In 2008,approved to establish the "Post-doctoral Research Workstation of the State";
In 2009,approved as the "International Science and Technology Cooperation Base";
In 2013,named as the "Practical Education Base of National Engineering Project";
In 2013,named as the "Academician Expert Workstation" of the local province and city.
Lean manufacturing: