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I. Construction of intellectual property information platform
By introducing the patent information platform from U.S. Thomson Scientific and in combination with the project management platform, standard information database and scientific literature database, the Company has established the Sunward Equipment Group Technology Information Harbor. After the completion of the Technology Information Harbor, through utilization and in-depth processing of patent information, the Company solved the problems under the traditional information utilization pattern, such as a long R&D cycle, high probability of repeated researches and unclear market orientation, avoiding the risks of infringement.

II. Intellectual property system and achievement transformation
The Company has formulated the Regulations on Administration of R & D Projects, Patent Incentives, Measures on Administration of Research Papers, and incorporated the intellectual property into the acceptance and assessment standard of various scientific research projects, linked the acceptance results with the project incentives and performance assessment of researchers, so that practical assessment indicators are available for the innovation activities.
Meanwhile, the Company uses the implementation results of intellectual property achievements as the standard for testing the intellectual property asset quality, and evaluates the corporate intellectual property and innovation activities through the market responses. The annual implementation rate of intellectual property is no less than 80%. The sales of products with independent intellectual property rights account for over 80% of the total sales.

III. Intellectual property achievements and honors
By the end of 2010, the Company has applied for a total of 206 patents, including 50 invention patents, 146 utility models, and 10 designs. 127 patents were awarded, including 1 PCT patent, 8 invention patents, 144 utility models and 4 designs. In addition, the Company owns 6 software copyrights.
The company has achieved outstanding achievements in the intellectual property rights and won a number of honors, mainly as follows:
In 1999, awarded the first batch of "Demonstration project enterprises promoting the industrialization of patented technologies" in Hunan Province
In 2000, awarded the national level "Demonstration project enterprises promoting the industrialization of patented technologies"
In 2001, the patent "pile clamping mechanism of pile driver" was awarded as the Chinese Patent Excellence Award
In 2005, the Company won the honorary title "Advanced unit of Intellectual Property Work in Hu’nan Province" and the president He Qinghua won the honorary title "outstanding patent inventor of Hunan Province"
In 2007, SUNWARD and the figure won the "Famous Trademark of China"
In 2008, listed in the "Cultivation project of the first batch of enterprises with intellectual property advantages in Changsha City"
In 2009, listed in the "Cultivation project of the first batch of enterprises with intellectual property advantages in Hunan Province"
In 2010, the patent "Electromechanical integrated excavator and control method thereof" won the Chinese Patent Excellence Award.
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