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Build the Quasi-Lean Manufacturing System That Applicable to Sunward with Customer-Orientation

As Sunward lays different emphasis on the application of production control technology in the three kinds of equipments like large pilling machinery, compact construction machinery, and modern rock drilling equipments, and the customers' requirements are also different. Chairman He Qinghua proposes to build the quasi-lean manufacturing system of Sunward.
The tenet is: with the core of lean concept and JIT production technology and the experience accumulated in the practice of enterprise production, to establishe one concept, one platform, and the production mode that satisfies the requirements of different customer group with multi production modes available.

I. The basic requirements for the establishment of the quasi-lean manufacturing system
Commencing with the construction of hardware platform, perfection of technology system, improvement of management mode and update of staff concept, Sunward vigorously pushes forward the establishment and perfection of product lean manufacturing system to create a production system with core competition.
1. The construction of hardware platform
According to the requirements of productivity plan and the technology advancement, Sunward invests lots of fund to bring in advanced equipments, such as: oil cylinder production line, assembly line, shot-blasting and finishing production line, large scale of digital-control machining equipments, the construction of welding line and the advanced logistic distribution center. The construction of hardware platform is in accordance with uniform technology plan and layout according to the requirements of lean production, and forms the process, rhythmed and proportional manufacture system with Sunward characteristics.
2. The improvement of technology system
The product quality control begins from the blanking period; The machining of the key parts including the welding parts and machining parts are all guaranteed by the special fixture, which can effectively improve the machining accuracy and the interchangeability of the parts; The key parts take special material and special technology of heat treatment, especially the requirements on the material of the wear parts and the technology increase the wear resistance ability of the parts, which effectively improves the durability of the parts and prolongs the change interval of the wear parts. The cover parts are all taken the special processing before the paint spraying, which can improve the combination of the paint and the parts. There are 5 modern assembly lines, and a group of skilled assembly technicians which have received the professional training and they can use the advanced special assembly tools according to the requirements in the operator manual, which guarantees the optimal machine performance. The whole process including the blanking check application, blanking check, adjusting and modifying, put in warehouse and delivery is operated strictly according to the norms and technology process.
The company has many advanced equipments, such as the digital control cutting machines, digital control plasma cutting machines, 2D and 3D laser cutting machines, advanced heavy digital control bending machines, some dozens of large digital control machining equipments, digital control lathes, large vertical lathes, gantry milling machines, large special workshops for spray painting and paint baking, hung chain recycling shot-blasting cleaning machines, hundreds of CO2 gas protection welding machines, and vibrating stress relief equipments. We also build network management system for the digital control lathes to make standardized management for the programme, tools, tooling, and technology. We have a technical team which has rich experience in the digital control technology, machining, welding, assembly, heat treatment, and etc, the technology engineers are the solid foundation for the lean production. We also make regulations on the technology management, and emphasize the technology discipline and make regular supervision and inspection on it.
We make fine production, pay attention to the details, and pursue perfection. In the construction and management of the technology system, we have achieved paperless production site, the application of advanced technology design and the project of technology plan management system will start soon.
3. The improvement of management mode
With the core of lean management concept, we continuously implements the advanced management concept and technology in the manufacturing system, so as to achieve the aim of creating a JIT production site; Through creating the flat organization, the groups management is strengthened; We promote the proceeding of basic management work like 6S/TPM, and gradually implements the management by information board and the characteristic number-machine management. To meet the different customers requirements on products, we utilize the PDM system (product- data management) and ERP system (enterprise resources planning), and thus basically create the two operation modes of "BLOCK" and "LINE" with Sunward characteristics on the base of the platform for management system. The company will also bring in the six-sigma management system on the base of current management system to cultivate more management personnel for Sunward and gradually form the management concept and enterprise culture with Sunward characteristics.
4. The renewal of staff's ideas
Since we operate the manufacturing system in the mode of business department, we have trained the staff of various levels on different applications either by inviting instructors to Sunward or sending staff to other enterprises. We have invested a lot in the arrangement of annual training plans and the cultivation of internal instructors. Through strengthening the training course for the staff, we smoothly implement the advanced management concept and management technology in the manufacturing system, which make the staff gradually accept the idea of lean management in the daily work.

II. The constitute of the quasi-lean production in manufacturing system.
1. Multi-production modes exist simultaneously: the working mode of "BLOCK" and "LINE" can meet different customer needs.
2. Apply IT technology, regulate the production process, improve production flexibility, and satisfy the requirements of various production modes.
3."Three-fixed Principle" and pulling production contribute to the construction of compact construction machinery JIT product line. Three-fix of fixed staff, fixed machine and fixed rhythm, and the process, rhythmed and proportional production push forward the construction of compact construction machinery quasi-lean production.
4. The adoption of "Third Party Logistics" and "Point-of-use Delivery " reduces the stock constantly.
5. With the platform of electronic board of assembly line, it realizes real-time site management.
6. The flat management, staff training, and the improvement of staff participation constitute the foundation for the proceeding of the lean production.
We will take opportunities brought by the additional issue of A-Shares and the high-speed development of national economy and international industry transfer, to perfect the system construction, strengthen the system management, build the lean production system, improve the customer satisfaction, reduce the cost, improve the quality, quicken the speed of the process and optimize the investment, and ultimately gain the maximal profit. Sunward will make consistent efforts in the "three-creation" work, that is the creation of harmonious, practical and aggressive enterprise culture, the creation of an enterprise with much profit, and the creation of the brand for Sunward and the products. Meanwhile we will construct the "fine product" project, strengthen the brand construction, increase market competition, and ensure the continuous increase of the business turnover according to the requirements for "exact design, lean production, fine management, thoughtful service".